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3veteráni s.r.o.
Tobrucká 705/9, 160 00, Praha 6,
IČO 26770351
C 92544 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze

Tel.: +420 702 000 044

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This luxurious tour is currently the longest vintage car tour in Czech republic. It includes 25 the most famous and interesting places in Prague.

You will see spectacular views of the whole city and have the option to take a few stops to fully enjoy the atmosphere. Our trained drivers are always happy to take pictures for you and show you Prague from a closer view and perspective of a real Czech person. This tour will satisfy event he most demanded travelers. It is educational but in more of a fun way. Every memory from this beautiful city should be special. Let us take care of you and enjoy Prague without rush and stress. Perhaps with bottle of spring wine you can order with your reservation.


90 minutes
Car capacity
5 people
3 000,00 Kč / €130.43
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