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3veteráni s.r.o.
Tobrucká 705/9, 160 00, Praha 6,
IČO 26770351
C 92544 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze

Tel.: +420 702 000 044

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About Us

Welcome, we are 3 Veterání!

We are a Czech company offering sightseeing tours in vintage-styled Cabrio cars around Prague city center and some interesting places around the Czech republic. Our tours include live commentary from the drivers about the history and sights passing by. We will happily pick you up anywhere in Prague city center for free. Choose from one of our tours or contact us directly.

How do our services work?

Make a reservation on our website through a simple reservation form and you will get a confirmation within an hour. Are you looking for a tour immediately? Call us and we can be at your location in half an hour. We will pick you up at your accommodation or anywhere in the city center for free. Then we will begin the ride of your life through the most amazing and famous landmarks in Prague.

During the tour, you will also have an option to stop and take some amazing pictures or the driver will take them for you. Then we can drop you off anywhere in the city center, at your accommodation or your driver will always be happy to recommend a nice restaurant or some other attraction. If you have a special place that is not included in your chosen tour, feel free to contact us through email or phone and we can always offer several variants.

Prague city tour is not your only option

We also do tours outside of Prague around the most Czech famous cities and castles such as amazing gothic castle Karlštejn or famous spa city Karlovy Vary. Are you looking to see a different Czech castle or city in this amazing cabriolet? Contact us and we will make it happen for you.

During the tour, you will also have an option to stop and take some amazing pictures or the driver will take them for you.

For additional services

We offer an iced bottle of prosecco so you won’t be thirsty during the ride or for special occasions we prepared a bouquet of 3 premium roses.

Are you afraid of cold weather or rain?

Don’t worry. During the summer, spring, and autumn our cars are cabriolets but during winter or rainy days, they have transparent roofs as well as heating, heated seats, and blankets.

Are you looking to surprise or propose your loved ones?

Contact us through phone or email and we can offer some romantic options and the driver will gladly help you to make it a big and amazing surprise that you will remember forever.

Are you looking for a tour for a larger group?

Do not worry we will gladly help you to organize and plan a larger group tour.

We save the environment and our cars run on LPG ?

For safety and other reasons, our cars are only replicas of historical cars and the meant to commemorate the time, when the automotive industry was in its infancy